Look what ✨the universe✨ brought me

I don’t usually believe in magic. To me ✨the universe✨ is the idea that we all share the same space; everything we do ricochets off each other. ⁣

When I experience rejection or failure, it helps to remind myself of a bigger context, not just my identity to blame in a vacuum. When things go swell, that’s also not entirely my own. It’s hard work, other people, timing, and opportunity all lined up. ⁣

We don’t do anything alone. How you acknowledge your influences, circumstances, and support systems says a lot, to me, about how you see yourself and the universe of everyone and everything around you. ⁣

All of this is to tell you that ✨the universe✨ brought me something magical today. ⁣

Framed print of "To Feel Strong" cartoon by Lucy Bellwood

Framed print of "To Feel Strong" cartoon by Lucy Bellwood

I first saw this print in March 2018 at this lovely art show at Jolby & Friends. I’d recently quit my job in Washington, D.C. and was starting a journey of unknowns in Portland, OR. I didn’t know many people, wasn’t sure what my next career move should be, and still hadn’t found a yoga studio I could visit regularly. ⁣

This piece called out to me even before I noticed that the artist was the talented, clever & cheery Lucy Bellwood, who I’d recently seen give this CreativeMornings/Portland talk. ⁣

I bid as high as I could, crossed my fingers on both hands, and left the silent auction. ⁣

Someone else must have bid more. ⁣

That was over a year ago, but I still thought about it now and then. I tried to find another copy to buy. Just the other day I was thinking about how I would have loved to hang it here in our new (to us) house. ⁣

This house brought us to a different neighborhood, and I’ve been able to go to yoga again, almost every day. It’s been two years since I went faithfully with my friends Lauren & Andrew, and it’s not the same without them. Still, I’ve been feeling grateful that my life has shifted to allow me to practice this thing again that makes me feel balanced and strong, even outside of the yoga studio. ⁣

This morning on my walk to yoga I passed a box marked “free.”⁣

It’s hard to say for sure, but I choose to believe that it’s the exact same one that I saw hanging at the auction over a year ago. And that ✨the universe✨ brought it to me here, now, when I needed to see myself reflected in it.

You can see Lucy’s original cartoon “To Feel Strong” in full here. 💪

Kaitlin Carpenter